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Maryhelen Atkins

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Quantum Infused Technology

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who is life source ?

Mary Helen Atkins: My Business Partner Life Source LLC
and I share the same wellness vision:

“A personalized body care and wellness system based upon science and nature that works with natural resonant frequencies of vibration to bring your athletic skills to your highest potential. A complete Mind – Body – Spirit Integration
to support your personal and professional goals”.

The Technology

Explaining the three-step infusion process:

Life Source-first

We put the molecule into a flex state by utilizing extremely powerful electrical and magnetic current.

We expose the molecule to a specific programmed quantum wave and change the resonant frequencies of the molecule.

Once the molecule has been programmed, we close the flexfield, leaving a permanently infused programmed Quantum product.

" Imagine a total comprehensive wellness system based on science and quantum physics. This holistic modality integrates with nature's frequencies and the body's bio-residence. It is my belief that the human body may optimize its' highest potential."


Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington

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