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This phlebotomy blood test from one healthy middle-aged subject is a perfect example of how Life Source technology reacts with the blood cells individually after the oil has been applied.
Life Source-blood before


The red blood cells are in a semi-auto-agglutination state. They are clumped together and have lost much of their natural bounce.

Life Source-blood after


Within 5 minutes of the quantum oil application, the red blood cells are buoyant and separated. The neutrophils react and grow 200% and begin actively transferring information to nearby cells.

Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity
Cedarwood Essential Oils
  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Antifungal
  3. Antibacterial
  Clary Sage oil
  1. Stress reduction
  2. Natural antidepressant
  3. Reducing menstrual cramps
Bergamot oil
  1. Reduce inflammation
  2. Lower cholesterol levels
  3. Easing Joint Pain
Cypress oil
  1. Heals Wounds and Infections.
  2. Treats Cramps and Muscle Pulls
  3. Treats Varicose Veins and Cellulite
Ylang ylang II
  1. Promote relaxation
  2. Increase sexual desire
  3. Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
Sandalwood Australian
  1. Antiseptic and astringent properties
  2. Increasing elasticity
  3. Relieving tension and calming agitated emotions
Uses and Applications

* Detoxifying and clearing negative emotions
* Calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety.
* Heal cuts fast (caution, it does sting a little) a healing powerhouse.
* Boosting the regenerative process of the epidermis.
* Clearing acne, soothing sunburn, and treating insect bites.

Quantum Infused Technology

Balance – Energy – Focus – Overall Well-Being & More!

Technology from the Sun

Life Source has created the next generation of quantum technology products, utilizing a specific spectrum of Solar frequencies found to have a wide range of profound and beneficial effects for all body types. Our revolutionary energy oils quickly penetrate the skin, becoming easily absorbed into the blood stream with profound results. Our infused pendants provide a permanent, wearable source of this breakthrough technology.
Life Source-first

we put the molecule into a flex state by utilizing extremely powerful electrical and magnetic current

we expose the molecule to a specific programmed quantum wave and change the resonant frequencies of the molecule

now the molecules have been programmed we close the flexfield, leaving a permanently infused programmed Quantum product


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