We help bring your Life Source Back to you.

At Life Source, our mission is to elevate humanity by bringing each individual’s exceptional abilities within reach.

The Technology

Explaining the three-step infusion process
Life Source-first

we put the molecule into a flex state by utilizing extremely powerful electrical and magnetic current

we expose the molecule to a specific programmed quantum wave and change the resonant frequencies of the molecule

now the molecules have been programmed we close the flexfield, leaving a permanently infused programmed Quantum product

" Imagine a total comprehensive wellness system based on science and quantum physics. That's efficiently works with nature's frequencies and the body's bio-residence. It is my belief that if you can heal the people you can heal the world "

Factory Production Information

Life Source’s production facility is located in Sedona Arizona area. We only use the best organic ingredients available in today’s market. We spare no expense when quality is concerned. packaging and bottling are done in the USA. We take pride in the quality of our production process and go above and beyond the necessary regulations so only the best products are created in our facility.

Factory Daily Production

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Bottles of Oils per Day
Infused Pendants per Day

Liresource Factory Inventory

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400 Series Dark Slate Pendant
400 Series Dark Slate Pendant
Life Source - Energy from the Sun
400 Series Dark Slate Pendant

PSY-TEK Labs, LLC Non-Invasive Scanning Subtle Energy Testing Lad

After the application of two drops of oil there’s a major visible Improvement in both emotional and physical balance. Our product alines the body’s natural energy centers unlike anything else currently available
Life Source - Energy Before
Life Source - Energy After
Life Source - Energy Before2
Life Source - Energy After2

LIFE SOURCE has created the next generation of quantum technology products.

We use a spectrum or natural and solar frequencies, that have a wide range or profound and beneficial effects unique to this infusion process.